Category: American Horror Story

2021 Sep 11

American Horror Story: 10×04 – “Blood Buffet” Screen Captures

I’ve added some screen captures of Billie in the latest American Horror Story episode, 10×04 – “Blood Buffet.”

2021 Aug 26

American Horror Story: 10×02 – “Pale” Screen Captures

Billie made her first appearance as Lark in the second episode of American Horror Story: Double Feature. I’ve added screen captures from 10×02 – “Pale” to the gallery!

2021 Aug 13

“American Horror Story: Double Feature” (Part 1: Red Tide) Trailer

A collision of terror like you’ve never seen – horror by land and horror by sea. American Horror Story Season 10: Double Feature premieres August 25th on FX, next day on Hulu.

2019 Nov 10

American Horror Story: 9×08 – “Rest in Pieces” Screen Captures

2019 Nov 04

American Horror Story: 9×07 – “The Lady in White” Screen Captures