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“American Horror Story” 11×01 & 11×02 Screen Captures

American Horror Story: 10×04 – “Blood Buffet” Screen Captures

I’ve added some screen captures of Billie in the latest American Horror Story episode, 10×04 – “Blood Buffet.”

American Horror Story: 10×02 – “Pale” Screen Captures

Billie made her first appearance as Lark in the second episode of American Horror Story: Double Feature. I’ve added screen captures from 10×02 – “Pale” to the gallery!

“American Horror Stories” Screen Captures

Hi, Billie fans! I’ve added screen captures of Billie as Liv Whitley in the latest American Horror Stories episode, 1×05 – “Ba’al.”

Will & Grace: 11×09 – “Bi-Plane” Screen Captures

Will & Grace: 11×09 – “Bi-Plane” Screen Captures

On Thursday’s (February 6) episode of Will & Grace, Billie made an appearance to pay tribute to her grandmother, Debbie Reynolds. Screen captures of Billie as Fiona Adler in episode nine, 11×09 – “Bi-Plane.”

Will and Grace decide to intervene when they discover Grace’s niece is dating a bisexual man; Jack gets permission from his husband to sleep with his hall pass; Karen struggles to adapt when her assistant books them on an economy flight.