2016 Nov 19

Welcome to Adoring Billie Lourd

Welcome to Adoring Billie Lourd, your new fansite source for everything Billie Lourd! Billie is best known for her role as Chanel #3 from the television series, Scream Queens. Here you can find the latest news and more! We have completed pages including Billie’s information page, career page and more. Make sure to follow us on Twitter! Thank you for visiting.

2016 Nov 17

Scream Queens: 2×05 – “Chanel Pour Homme-icide” Screen Captures

2016 Oct 20

Scream Queens: 2×04 – “Halloween Blues” Screen Captures

2016 Oct 13

Scream Queens: 2×03 – “Handidates” Screen Captures

2016 Sep 30

Scream Queens: 2×02 – “Warts and All” Screen Captures